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Finding the right job today is all about making connections and building relationships. Our vision is to build a community and network where you can start these relationships, explore career paths and gain confidence in your education and future career.

Build A Profile

Build a profile to make yourself stand out:

Profile creation includes your education and work experience, employment interests, and fun facts. We keep your profile anonymous for privacy: Employers search by non-identifying information like school, area of study, work experience, or career ambitions. If an employer reaches out, you’ll get a notification and the option to connect. Your personal information is only shared with accepted connections.

Find Placement

Find placement opportunities:

You can flag your profile for placement opportunities to find co-ops, internships, and summer jobs!

Productive Relationships

Build proactive relationships with employers:

Early connections with employers mean more opportunities to check corporate culture fit, get career and skill-building advice, and find the job that’s right for you. We encourage you to build your profile as early in your post-secondary career as possible. Connecting with an employer in second year can have a big impact on your employability – such as flagging useful certificate programs or required coding languages.

What We Ask From You

What we ask from you:

Our platform is only as good as the people in it. We ask that you build your profile with honesty and integrity, and that you interact with other users in good faith.

Future Goals

Future goals:

We want to give students even more tools to choose the right programs and courses and get the best payback from their education. As JobJunxion grows, we’ll be building a database to help students see the path to success.

Student Debt

Worried about whether all that student debt will pay off?

Higher education is one of your biggest investments. The average Canadian student carries $26,500 in government student loans and takes nearly 10 years to repay them. When you make other investments, you can back up your decision with lots of market information, but deciding what degree or diploma to get is much more speculative, with limited and often inaccurate information. With JobJunxion you get more information to make good career choices while you're still in school, so your tuition is well invested.