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Join Our Database

Join our database

JobJunxion is an employment futures exchange – a marketplace connecting your talent needs and future talent pipelines. Get access to our candidate pool to search for future employees, and post opportunities for our students to find.

Talent Pipeline

Tap into the talent pipeline

Our database is freely accessible to students across Canada; they sign up while still in school and create profiles with the goal of building relationships with employers.

Search For Candidates

Search for Candidates

Our database is filled with current students looking for jobs upon graduation, and for co-ops, internships, and summer jobs to build their skills.

Find Co-ops, Interns, and Summer Students

Student users can flag their profiles for co-op / internship eligibility, or interest in summer employment. Using these placements can help you build a passive talent pipeline and tailor future employees to be better candidates.

Future Goals

Future goals

Our long-term vision is to tackle the labour market disconnect – bridging the gap between higher education and the skills demanded in today’s workforce. As JobJunxion grows we will gather increasingly accurate insights about future employment needs. It is our vision to use this data to help students find the best career paths, and to help companies build reliable talent pipelines.