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Ensuring Gen Z can contribute sustainably in the workplace

The Globe and Mail explores the uptake of Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace. Hiring numbers for Millennials are on the rise, and Gen Z is starting to hit the workforce en mass. What tactics are employers using to attract Millennial talent, and how do these need to change to keep pace with newer cohorts.

With the boomer generation beginning to age out of the workforce, young talent attraction and skills transfer become increasingly important.

74% of these cohorts list “making a difference in the world and in people’s lives” as a big priority for their careers.

Being digital natives (having digital exposure for their whole lives) lends these cohorts learning skills and adaptability.

The article recommends more comprehensive on-boarding programs, and tighter feedback loops to encourage quick learning and adaptability.

Maintaining and encouraging work-life balance was also listed as an important factor for these cohorts.

See the full article here.