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Digging into the Tech Talent Drought

CIODive’s recent Workforce Trendline Report explores the growing shortage of tech talent. Here are some interesting take aways:

All companies are becoming tech companies – technology is being used to augment all manner of businesses and this has drastically increased the demand for tech talent. This is creating talent deserts in high-density employment areas where there simply isn’t enough talent to meet growing demand.

Tech skills have a short shelf-life – technology evolves rapidly, and skills learned in schools and bootcamps are quickly becoming out-dated.

Human (soft) Skills on the rise – because of the rapidly changing nature of the economy and tech demands, human skills like adaptability, and life-long learning become more important that specific technical competencies. Skills not often fostered in traditional tech education pathways. This trend also makes corporate learning all the more important.

Remote Working a Priority for Tech Talent Рbetween the talent shortages in key areas, and the competitive nature of tech recruiting, the ability to work remotely is becoming a key factor for eligible tech talent.

These trends require employers to re-think recruiting, and stay agile in a rapidly evolving economy.

See the full CIODive report