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Candidate Readiness Program

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Candidate Readiness Program!

Is this you?

✅ Diploma/Degree 

✅ Skills 

✅ Experience 

❌ Strong resume 

❌ Interview skills 

❌ Online presence 

❌ Complete JJX profile 

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You’ll get a comprehensive, profession-specific coaching session to help you stand out. We work closely with employers, so we know what they want.
We’ll help you condense and format your resumé to fit to one page and highlight your valuable experience to land an interview.

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JobJunxion Profile:

Your JJx profile is often our employers’ first impression of you. Your session will focus on building a strong and complete profile that is the best representation of you and your potential, to maximize your chances.

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Linkedin/ Social Media Presence:

By now you are well on your way to success. Your resumé and JobJunxion profile make for a clear and impactful representation of you within our employer community. Here we focus on ensuring that your other online platforms are consistent and professional.

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Brush up on your interview “do’s and don’ts” and best practices. Your one-on-one mock interview session helps position you to answer any question and highlight your strengths and experience.