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Founding Story

As recent university grads, co-founders Jack and Justin Litchfield know how stressful today’s job market is. Instead of focusing on grades, students stress over employment prospects and mounting debt. Meanwhile, employers worry how they’ll find the people they need, when they need them. JobJunxion solves both those problems.

JobJunxion connects students and employers in relationships today that lead to jobs when they graduate, be it one, two or even three years from now. In these important intervening years, they can strengthen these relationships with summer employment, internships, on-the-job training, corporate acculturation and even counselling on course selection. The end game for everyone is the right grad in the right job!

Tired of searching multiple job sites? Spending too much time and money on recruitment?

Whether you’re an employer or a student, JobJunxion is your one-stop employment network. Students will find multiple employers in one place; employers will find candidates from multiple schools in one place, all with the same easy interface.

JobJunxion bridges the gap between employers’ talent needs and students’ skill sets to make sure your investment pays off.

Our Founders


Jack Litchfield


Jack Litchfield knows the ins and outs of post-secondary issues from 4 years in student government at Western U and from his work in the educational software field. He has been known to wield an epée.


Justin Litchfield


Justin Litchfield was an employer and a student at the same time as he built and operated his own painting company throughout university. He has been known to ride motorcycles and wear boxing gloves. Not at the same time.